Board of Trustees

Current members of the Therapeutic Horsemanship Board of Trustees are:

  • Brian Walters, Chairman
  • Scott Dolan,Vice Chairman
  • Scott Hoffmann, CPA, Treasurer
  • Sandra Huebner, Secretary
  • Nile Ramsbottom, Past Chairman, Ex-Officio Member

  • Dr. Linda Buhr
  • Carol Krekeler
  • Bob Mochel
  • Dr. Dawn Mrad, D.V.M
  • Mark Sanders
  • Debbie Strobach, PT
  • Cookie Stude

Our Mission


The mission of Therapeutic Horsemanship is to provide equine-assisted therapy programs for individuals with disabilities in order to help them reach their maximum physical and psychological potential.

To see first-hand how we are positively impacting more than 200 children and adults with disabilities in our community each year, please take a few minutes to watch the video below.

Our History

Therapeutic Horsemanship is the legacy of a visionary commitment from three extraordinary St. Louis women – Susie Duesinger, Sandy Rafferty and Laura Carpenter Balding – who began the program in 1975 because they believed in the benefit of equine-assisted therapy for children with disabilities.

What started out with borrowed horses in a friend’s barn, has evolved into a state-of-the art, 88 acre facility and a herd of 27 specially trained therapy horses. The TH team of volunteers, therapists and horses have served more than 3,000 people with disabilities in St. Louis and five surrounding counties.

We have two recent videos to share. The first video below was created on our 35th anniversary and explains the history and development of Therapeutic Horsemanship and describes how what we do changes the lives of so many children and adults with disabilities each year. The second video explains the new vision for the organization that was publicly unveiled at our November 2012 Gala.

Below is the video regarding the new vision for the organization unveiled at the November 2012 Gala.

Read about our recent history and accomplishments:

Click here to download and read our 2012 Annual Report (.pdf).

Click here to download and read our 2011 Annual Report (.pdf).