If we can get 365 people to donate at least $40, we can cover the full cost of hay and grain for a year for our amazing herd of horses.

To donate, click the donate button below or mail in a check to TREE House of Greater St. Louis, 332 Stable Lane, Wentzville, MO 63385.

2014 Hay for a Day Club Members
Jim Armstrong
Ross and Donna Berry
Allison Bradley
Ben Brown
Dee Brummett
Jack and Donna Davis
Holly Greenwood
Leonard and Lea Hejl
Tina Jennings
Mary Marchal
Judy McLachlin
Denise & Jimmy Pool
Vincent Slattery
Debbie & Thad Strobach

Thank you to all the 2013 Hay for a Day Sponsors
Jim Armstrong
Ross Berry
Allison Bradley
Matthew Bradley
Linda Buhr
The Cotton Family
Jared & Theresa Davis
Patrick Flaherty
Emily Grumich
Pam Hambach
Michael Heinrich
Bob & Sandy Huebner
Barton Johnson
Sarah Johnson
Kenneth Kohler
Laurie Lampe
Katharine McGee
Judy McLachlin
James & Nancy Melton
The O'Donnell Family
Elizabeth Phillips
Denise Pool
Vincent Slattery
Howard and Donalee Spring
Brian and Shannon Walters
Ed & Pat Will

Join the 2015 Hay for a Day Club

For a one-time donation of $40 or more or a monthly donation of $10, $25, $40, or $100, you or the person of your choosing can become part of our new Hay for a Day Club.

All 2015 Hay for a Day Club members will receive: gothay
--A membership card
--Thank-you card from the horses
--Listing on TH website as a 2015 Hay for a Day Supporter
--An invitation to join us for the Hay for a Day club member gathering in Fall 2015 (Date TBD) to meet and take a photo with our selected Hay for a Day Ambassador horses!

  • Remember, you can make a one-time gift or make a monthly pledge via credit card:
    --$10 per month provides hay for three days
    --$25 per month provides hay for a week
    --$40 per month provides hay for 12 days
  • --$100 per month provides hay for a full month!

Monthly donors will be charged for the first month on the day they make their donation and then charged on the first business day of each month until requesting cancellation.

Any donor who makes a monthly donation pledge, will receive the benefits listed above as well as receive a Hay for a Day Club t-shirt when available in 2015! Special recognition will also be given to these donors at the member gathering.

If you would like to purchase a membership as a gift for someone else, we can send them an email immediately (if desired) and their membership card within 5 business days of receiving your donation letting them know that a gift has been made in their honor.

To donate, click the button at left or go to:

You may also deliver a gift in-person to our office or mail your gift to TREE House of Greater St. Louis, Attn: Hay for a Day, 332 Stable Lane, Wentzville, MO 63385.


Each year, the Therapeutic Horsemanship Program at the TREE House of Greater St. Louis spends thousands of dollars providing hay, grain, and overall care to our amazing herd of therapy horses. It is essential that we keep our horses strong and healthy as they help more than 250 children, adults, and veterans with disabilities in the St. Louis area each year.

The horses give so much to us and the individuals with disabilities that we serve. It's time to give back to them.

If you have any questions about the Hay for a Day Club, please contact Shannon Walters, Director of Development, at swalters@thstl.org.